Play This, Learn That!

Play This Learn ThatOk gamification geeks, Dr. Chris Haskell (woot!) is returning on April 1st with his teacher workshop, Play This, Learn That!

Clever teachers are always looking for the best tools to connect students to their curriculum. It’s what they do. What about commercial video games? Join Dr. Chris Haskell from Boise State University as he hosts Play This, Learn That, introducing you to those amazing educators, the games they use, and how they can fit in your classroom. Participants receive a free copy of Dr. Haskell’s book, “Play This Learn That.”

Dr. Haskell specializes in preparing pre-service and graduate teachers in methods and applications of technology integration in the classroom. In addition to instilling fundamental skills, Chris focuses on the use, adaptation, and implementation of emerging technologies in teacher education including gaming, mobile communication devices, portable media players, social networking tools, and virtual worlds. His classroom serves as a unique game-based technology and pedagogy lab where this new and innovative practice is producing exciting results.

Chris is a professor at Boise State University, a co-founder of Rezzly and is also the creator and host of the Cool Teacher Show, an entertaining and funny Facebook series for teachers.

Play This, Learn That!
April 1-13, 2017

  • self-paced quests to learn at your own pace
  • synchronous sessions to interact with Chris
  • discussion forums to share with colleagues

Sign up here! Free for Rezzly legendary educators or $79 for three month access

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