What is Rezzly?

 R ezzly® (formerly known as 3D GameLab) is a gamified content creation platform where teachers can design quests and badges to create personalized learning for their students. Students choose quests to “level up” through the curriculum, and earn experience points, badges, and awards. Students and teachers can track their own progress using leaderboards, player cards, and reports. Quests can be aligned to standards, including Common Core and NGSS, for real-time achievement reporting. Class is literally turned into a game, providing the opportunity for true competency and mastery-based learning. Includes professional development options for gamification and personalized learning strategies. Used in kindergarten through graduate school in over 25 countries!

The Power of Quest-Based Learning™

Using Rezzly’s game mechanics, teachers learn to design, aggregate and track non-linear learning activities and pathways across multiple platforms and experiences, whether virtual, classroom-based or during informal learning events. Quests are aligned to national standards, ensuring that students are meeting requirements, but doing it in their way.  Mastery learning at its best! Be amazed at how much work gets done, and how quickly. Learn more about the features of our platform.

What does class look like in quest-based learning?

We also embed teacher professional development in the platform using online teacher camps, and our teacher learning community, the Guild Site, providing a safe place to share, learn, and grow with other educators around the globe.  Travel the path from newbie to master using participatory learning.

Join the Guild – Our Educator Learning Community

In Rezzly, you’ll experience a unique approach to learning where schools and teachers can work together to design unlimited learning pathways and options for students, where students are awarded for their progressions, made in their own time and in their own way. Start experiencing your own personalized education in Rezzly.