New feature: More Groups in Teacher Accounts

We’ve had a number of teachers request increasing the amount of available quest groups in Teacher accounts. We listened! You should now be able to add up to 25 quest groups at a time, instead of the previous 10, giving you more options for how to provide choice to your students.

Group Management – Group Copy & Archiving

At the conclusion of your course or unit of instruction, we recommend that you 1) make a copy of the group (Group Manager>Make a Copy), and 2) archive the old section. This will give you a fresh section of the course, complete with all quests, badges and rewards, but all students and the leaderboard will have been cleared out. This frees up seats in your teacher account so they can be re-used with new groups of students.

Please let us know if you have questions by using the HELP button in your account. We hope you enjoy this improved feature in 3D GameLab – Rezzly!

Game on! Shallow

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