Teacher Wallets & DonorsChoose

If you’re into teachers at all, then you’re probably aware of, a really cool organization and website where teachers can pitch their projects/needs for the their classrooms, and donors can contribute to help them reach their goals.   Recently, the Gates Foundation and Digital Promise teamed up with DonorsChoose to create Teacher Wallets, a unique pilot program that provides 300 K-8 teachers nationwide with up to $6,000 per teacher to purchase digital courseware in core content areas.  The goal of the project is to study and better understand how teachers choose and use digital courseware in their classrooms. As a teacher advocate for over 20 years, you can see why this project has personal appeal.  It’s not only asking teachers what works in their local context, but it’s turning over the purchasing decision directly at the class level, and studying actual implementation and outcomes.  SRI International will be doing some of the evaluation work, and I’m really looking forward to finding out more about what they learn. We are PROUD that 3D GameLab was chosen to be showcased as an option on Teacher Wallets as a result of our recent finalist position in the NY Gap App Challenge.  We’re also curious if teachers will “choose” us, and why or...

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NYC Gap App Challenge Finalist

Hey friends, good news from the fine folks at NYC Gap App Challenge!  3D GameLab has been named as a finalist, and as such, we qualify to partner with schools in NY City to prototype and develop innovative quest-based curriculum and training inside 3D GameLab. Will you help us spread the word to your colleagues in NYC schools?  We’d love to have another innovative partnership to do something amazing and extreme for...

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