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System Outage

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Update: The portal is back online as of 11:36 MT and appears stable. We’ll continue to monitor throughout the day.


We are aware of a system shutdown on our main portal (http://portal.3dgamelab.org)  as of 9:08 MT today. Our engineers are working to identify the problem and solution. We’ll report back here as soon as the system is viable. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you or your students–this is our first system outage in over three years, and we take the problem very seriously.

3D GameLab is now Rezzly!!

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We’re really excited to launch our new name, REZZLY! We’re still the same great platform and same team running the show. After several years of using the brand 3D GameLab (and so many teachers confused by “3D”), we worked hard to identify a new name that represented fun, was easy to remember, and reflected our thoughts about the purposes of gamified learning.  In many online games, rezzing is a phrase that indicates a player is being brought back to life, or resurrected, or an item is being brought out of inventory and into view.

Rezzly…bringing educational players back to life 🙂  We hope you enjoy the new brand, and welcome Rezzly to the world!

New feature: More Groups in Teacher Accounts

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We’ve had a number of teachers request increasing the amount of available quest groups in Teacher accounts. We listened! You should now be able to add up to 25 quest groups at a time, instead of the previous 10, giving you more options for how to provide choice to your students.

Group Management – Group Copy & Archiving

At the conclusion of your course or unit of instruction, we recommend that you 1) make a copy of the group (Group Manager>Make a Copy), and 2) archive the old section. This will give you a fresh section of the course, complete with all quests, badges and rewards, but all students and the leaderboard will have been cleared out. This frees up seats in your teacher account so they can be re-used with new groups of students.

Please let us know if you have questions by using the HELP button in your account. We hope you enjoy this improved feature in 3D GameLab – Rezzly!

Game on! Shallow

New Feature: Remove Reward

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The platform now provides instructors and any group managers with the ability to remove a reward (badge, achievement, award) that was accidentally given to a student. Once removed the system will recalculate the display of rewards in the leaderboard.

You can access this feature on a user’s playercard. Simply click GROUP, then find the player’s name and click the gamertag. On the playercard, you’ll find a new “Delete” option next to “Reward this User.”

You have more power now; remember to use it wisely!

New Feature: Student Teams

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For those of you who have been waiting…we are happy to share a video demonstration of our new TEAMS feature.


Use teams to group your students, to assign selected quests to individual groups, create an in-class tournament, and more!  You can make teams open or invitation only, and you can give students permission to create their own teams for special projects!

If you come up with a creative way to use Teams, we’d love to hear about it.

New Feature: Boolean Logic

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Hey, we are proud to announce a new feature has been added to the platform, Boolean Logic. This allows you as the teacher to set either/or preprequisites to both quests and rewards!

To learn more, watch this short video. We know many of you have been waiting for either/or logic, and we hope this meets your need!


Meetup at ISTE 2014!

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Wow, we can’t wait for ISTE 2014 in Atlanta!  Check out the schedule of 3D GameLab sessions, and be sure to drop by booth 3080 to meet guild officers, take pics, get your badges, and enter our raffle. Current 3D GameLab teachers, be sure to join us Sunday night for Bowling & Bites at Georgia Tech.

QuestBoise 2014: Keynote Lee Sheldon!

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Virtual Unconference, Fully Online, July 30-31, 2014

Join us for our second annual FREE two day QuestBoise 2014 virtual unconference to explore designing and teaching with the experts in quest-based and gamified learning. Explore aspects of gamification in the classroom, including quest design, guild sites, the Open Badges Initiative, and more.

This year’s keynote speaker is Lee Sheldon, a professional game writer and designer, and an Associate Professor in the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Lee wrote the bestselling bookThe Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game (2011); his book Character Development and Storytelling for Games (Second Edition, 2013) is the standard text in the field.

Join Lee and seven additional invited speakers as they share their journeys and insights with gamified and quest-based learning. Register on the website now to receive email notification when events go live.


Hope to see you there!

Shallow (Lisa Dawley)

Sponsored by your friends at 3D GameLab, Rezzly, and GoGo Labs

Using Course Codes

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Hey, do you teach students 13+ in 3D GameLab?  Make registration in your course super easy by generating and passing out course codes to students.  This video will show you how!

Bowling & Bites at ISTE 2014

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Get ready!  ISTE 2014 in Atlanta is just around the corner.  3D GameLab is hosting a free Bowling & Bites night on Sunday, June 29th for 3D GameLab educators and their friends.  Be sure to register, spots are limited. http://bowlingbites.eventbrite.com