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Quests, Badges & Guild Sites – The New School?

GoGo Labs, a learning technology spin-out from Boise State University, is betting that game mechanics provide a vehicle for the next generation of learning. And their bet is starting to pay off.  Using their core platform, 3D GameLab, teachers and instructional designers in over 10 countries have participated in online teacher camps to play educational quests, earn experience points, rewards and badges, and “level up” through professional development.  By choosing among a variety of quests they are able to create personalized learning pathways.  Teachers gather in the “guild site” to share their insights, ask questions, and participate in synchronous events in environments such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Second Life. Armed with their gamification training and the tool, teachers then design quests for their students, turning class into a literal game.  Quests can be aligned to Common Core Standards, ensuring that students are meeting requirements, but providing a personalized front-end experience focused on fun and meaningfulness that is customized to each student. Early comparative studies showed that students learning in 3D GameLab completed more work on average, 92% of students earned “A’s,” and 65% will continue to quest in the same course after they’ve already earned their grade.  “As my students say, ‘3D Game Lab rocks!’” said Tracie...

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