Rezzly® (formerly known as 3D GameLab) is a gamified learning platform that applies game thinking and mechanics, such as quests, experience points, levels, ranks, player cards, open badges, and guild sites to support engaging and persistent learning.  As players quest, they literally “level up” toward their educational goals.  We incorporate content, tools, and teacher training in one platform to provide an integrated experience to help teachers to gamify their class.

The platform was invented by Dr. Lisa Dawley, CEO of Rezzly® and GoGo Labs, Inc., and former professor and chair of the Dept. of Educational Technology at Boise State University, and Dr. Chris Haskell, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Dept. of EdTech at Boise State.

We work with educators, instructional designers, educational organizations and content providers to create engaging quest-based learning, badges and professional development opportunities.  Learn more about the features of our platform and our industry-unique online teacher camps.

For more information, please contact us at info@rezzly.com


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